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Digital Scale, 20 Lb, 12' x 12" Platform

Part Number: ZPZC-10/20-EZ1212
Digital Scale, 20 Lb, 12' x 12" Platform
Progressive Portion Control returns the scale to 0 when measuring in sequence
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BigTop Bowlz
Surge Protector
ZIEIS BigTop EZ Clean Series Platforms are “Made in the USA” and are designed and constructed for durability, clean-ability, and sanitary food handling - Making this ZIEIS BigTop EZ Clean platform the #1 choice for any weighing application.

Manufactured from an exclusive blend of high performance plastics, the EZ Clean Series platforms are not only easy to clean, they are also non-sticking, non-staining, odorless, tasteless, and are highly resistance to hot & cold objects. In addition, this special blend of high performance plastics is FDA/USDA approved for use in food handling applications.

Unlike stainless steel platforms, the EZ Clean platforms will never corrode, dent, bend, or rust. PLUS the EZ Clean platforms are FASTER & EASIER to clean & maintain when compared to stainless steel scale platforms - especially when weighing sticky items, such as cheese, bread dough, etc.

Fast & Easy to clean the EZ Clean platform - Simply apply any kitchen surface cleaner and remove with a clean cloth or paper towel. This specialized platform material is also abrasion & chemical resistant, which will allow you to use almost any kitchen cleaner/degreaser.

Safer than Stainless - The EZ Clean platforms are substantially FASTER at dissipating the surface heat of a hot object placed on and removed from the platform (i.e. metal pot of hot sauce) – thus making the EZ Clean platform cooler and SAFER to the touch versus stainless steel platforms.

Overhead LCD Display During food production and portion control, this specially designed ZIEIS TRS Backlit LCD Display can be fully adjustable and positioned for FAST & EASY viewing during each weighing session. 

Seamless Stainless Steel Casing provides a good looking, durable, and sanitary foundation.  This seamless casing is also SAFE & EASY to clean with virtually any kitchen cleanser. In addition, the seamless stainless case, sealed buttons, and sealed LCD screen will also protect your scale from damage that is caused by accidental spillage.

ZIEIS BigTop Retail Bowls (optional) are the perfect addition to your price computing scale.  These sanitary Stainless Steel and NSF Polycarbonate Bowls are not only easy to clean with virtually any kitchen cleaner, they will also enable you to safely weigh your customer's selected product and help you to transfer their purchase safely into a bag/box - FAST & EASY - Saving you time and money. (see pull down menu for options)

Rechargeable Battery Pack (included) This series also includes a built-in rechargeable battery pack, which provides up to 150 hours of continuous operation.  Perfect for portable use where standard outlets (110V) are unavailable. To fully recharge the battery pack, simply plug-in the 110V adapter (included) for only 8 hours. Otherwise, leave your unit plugged in until you need battery power.

Progressive Portion Control (i.e. TARE) returns the scale to 0 when measuring multiple portions in sequence.  As you know, monitoring the amount of each portion saves you money and also helps to maintains your food's quality and taste.  A TARE button is conveniently located on the overhead display for fast and easy access. 

TARE Foot Pedal (included) This ZIEIS TRS Series scale also includes a TARE Foot Pedal, which will enable the user to operate the TARE function "Hands-Free" during food production / assembly. Saving you TIME and MONEY - Guaranteed!

ONE (1) Year Manufacturers Warranty ZIEIS TRS Series digital scales include a ONE (1) year NEW SCALE warranty. If your scale fails to operate under normal use within the 1 year warranty period, you may return the scale for a brand new replacement. In addition, you will also maintain the full 1 year of the original warranty on any replacement product. 

ZIEIS Surge Protectors (optional) are essential for protecting your electrical equipment from disastrous electrical problems such as spikes & surges. In addition, you will receive a LIFETIME WARRANTY when you connect your ZIEIS Surge Protector to your ZIEIS digital scale. (see pull down menu for options)
Weighing Units
Pounds (lb), Ounces (oz), Grams (g)
Pounds: 20 lb Ounces: 320 oz Grams: 10000g
Pounds: 0.005 lb Ounces: 0.1 oz Grams: 2.0g
Product Details
  • Platform Dimensions: 12" W x 12" D (30cm x 30cm)
  • Platform Material: EZ Clean
  • Platform Type: Removable
  • Base Feet: Adjustable - Rubber Base (includes built-in bubble level) 
  • Overall Dimensions: 14" x 10" x 15" (36cm x 25cm x 38cm)
  • Calibration: Professional Calibration Available
  • Adjustable LCD Display: Adjustable Arm and LCD Display
  • LCD Dimensions: 3.8” x 1.0” (9.6cm x 2.6cm)
  • LCD Type: High Contrast + Backlight
  • TARE Foot Pedal: Hands-Free TARE Foot Pedal
  • Power Protection: Optional – See Surge Protector pull down menu 
  • Power - 110V Type:  Included
  • Power - Battery Type: Rechargeable Battery Pack (up to 150 hours of use)
Additional Product Information
  • Featuring a large 12” x 12” BigTop EZ Clean platform designed for cleanability and sanitary handling
  • The overhead LCD display allows the users adjust the LCD Display to easily view each portion amount - saving time and money
  • Progressive Portion Control (i.e. TARE) returns the scale to 0 when measuring multiple portions in sequence
  • Monitoring the amount of each portion saves you money and maintains your food's quality and taste 
  • Built-in rechargeable battery pack for added safety, portability, and up to 150 hours of continuous use
  • Optional BigTop platforms and bowlz provide numerous design options to meet your needs and budget (see the red More Images button above)
  • Sealed display, buttons, and removable spill guard are guaranteed to help prevent liquid spill/splash damage
  • Featuring a removable Stainless Steel platform for FAST & EASY clean-up and durability
  • TARE feature also subtracts the container’s weight to obtain the content's weight
  • Adjustable leveling feet with built-in bubble level will ensure accurate weighing
  • TARE Foot Pedal allow users to be "hands-free" when using the scale for production or portion control - faster production means higher profits 
  • Rubberized feet will help secure unit from movement and absorb vibrations
  • AC/DC power for portability, safety, and convenience 
  • Optional ZIEIS Surge Protectors offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY for power protection 
  • Low battery indicator ensures proper power for consistent accuracy
  • LARGE High Contrast - Backlight LCD for FAST & EASY reading in any light
  • Available to recalibrate using professional calibration services
  • Includes easy-to-use operations manual to ensure accurate measurements
  • All ZIEIS orders are packaged in a plain box to ensure safe delivery of your gift/order
  • ZIEIS products feature a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • This scale features a ONE (1) YEAR NEW SCALE warranty*
*This ZIEIS digital scale includes a ONE (1) year NEW SCALE warranty. If your scale fails to operate under normal use within the 11 year warranty period, you may return the scale for a brand new replacement. In addition, you will also maintain the full 1 year of the original warranty on any replacement product.
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